Wedding Entertainment Ideas for Guests

Wedding Salsa Dance

Keeping your guests entertained is an integral aspect of your wedding day. If you've decided to incorporate a princess theme and need entertainment ideas, we're here to inspire your imagination! We've recommended things like Wedding Dancers, Bands, DJ's, Singers and provided details of reputable wedding entertainment companies .

Bring in the band!

Why it fits the theme: Boasting a band on your big day is a traditional way of keeping your guests smiling. There are so many bands to choose between that you can fill the air with the reverberating tones required to set the idyllic scene.

Whether you opt for personal music, show tunes, Disney classics, an A cappella band, pianists, vintage themes or something else entirely, nothing is more fitting for a wedding than a band of your choice. If you'd rather add a personal touch, you can provide bands with a list of songs but the great thing about bands is that if you just want to book them and let them be, they come ready and raring to go.

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Unleash your inner diva with dancers

Why it fits the theme: Dancing lends weddings an elegance, spirit and sense of community. Whether you hire dancers to perform and offer an atmosphere and ambiance to your grand settings or to instruct and teach your guests for fun, you can't go wrong with dancers.

Dancers fit the theme so well because depending on your preferences, you can create an entirely different mood that suddenly brings your antique castle, summer garden, beach wedding or palatial settings to life.

Great options include ballet dancers, carnival dancers, cabaret, all-rounders, aerial dance artists, Bollywood or even impersonators of favourite artists! If you've opted for a Disney inspired princess theme, then opt for Disney dancers!

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Spice it up with Salsa

Why it fits the theme: Inspired by its fiery Latin origins, Salsa will lend a lot of spice and verve to your big day. Exciting, dynamic and fun, Salsa performers can dance for you or with you, even teaching you a few of their highly sought after moves.

Salsa might seem an unconventional fit for a princess themed wedding but seducing your guests with the sex appeal of Salsa might get you off to a good start for your honeymoon.

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Break the mould with belly dancing

Why it fits the theme: Bellydance is traditionally used in Egyptian wedding ceremonies to wish the bride and groom fertility and joy. Although still an exotic convention, brides up and down the UK are jumping on this fusion of a celebration, entertainment and a blessing.

Whether you want to watch a solo or group performance or teach your guests a couple of belly banging moves, this is an unusual form of entertainment that is ideal for princess weddings because it embraces and celebrates everything feminine.

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You shall go to the ball!

Why it fits the theme: Nothing is as perfect for a princess as a big old fashioned ball. Whether or not you wed into a castle, palace, hall, garden or even at the beach under a marquee, you can still transform your area into a ballroom and even hire a few ballroom dancers to keep the illusion intact. You could even update the traditional throwing off the bouquet for the finding of the traditional glass slipper; whoever finds the slipper has to be next!

The beauty of this event is that everyone gets to dress up and enjoy their moment. The bride and groom should naturally have the first dance and then the entertainment can kick in! You can learn your first dance for free on youtube with Dancin Time in 3 simple steps.

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An old fashioned feast

Why it fits the theme: Feeding your guests and entertaining them can work as a collaborative effort, particularly if you have chosen a venue with a large dining hall including long banquet tables. An opulent self-catered or provided feast, merged with dancing, speeches and even a marriage blessing is wonderfully old fashioned and ticks all of the princess boxes. You only need to pay for a wedding DJ if you're on a tight budget. Just do the rest yourself with the help of family and friends.

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